Benefits of a Low Carb Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic is a low carb diet that has a high fat content. Scientific studies have proven that this diet is healthy and beneficial. It is helpful in enhancing weight loss and reducing the risk factors associated with cardio diseases including cholesterol. The body enters into ketosis once you start taking this diet, meaning it will start using fats for energy. Described here below are the primary benefits of low carb keto diet:

Contribute to Weight Loss Efforts

Cutting carbs is an effective and simple way of losing weight. Research has proven that people who are taking this diet can lose more weight as compared to those who are on low-fat diets. This diet is effective in lowering insulin levels, getting rid of the excess of water from the body and contributing to rapid weight loss.


Losing Fats From the Abdominal Cavity

It is important to note that all fats in the body are not the same. The place where fats are stored determines the effect on one’s health and risk of diseases. There are two main types of subcutaneous fats, visceral fats and the layer under the skin. Visceral fats is that fat which accumulates in the abdominal cavity leading to overweight on men.

Most of this fat tends to lodge around the body organs. In excess, this fat can lead to insulin resistance and inflammation. Taking a low-carb diet is the best way of reducing the harmful abdominal fat. Over time, this diet can help you in reducing the risks associated with type diabetes and heart disease.

Lowering Blood Pressure

Hypertension or blood pressure is one of the risk factors for many diseases such as kidney failure, stroke, and heart disease. This diet is useful in lowering blood pressure, thereby reducing the risk associated with these diseases. People can live a healthy life by reducing the risk of diseases.


Reduced Insulin Levels and Blood Sugar

A low-carb diet is beneficial for those people who have insulin resistance and diabetes. These are the two primary diseases that affect many people worldwide. Cutting carbs has been proven to be effective in lowering insulin levels and blood sugar drastically. Individuals who have diabetes can reduce their insulin dosage by 50 % by taking a low-carb diet. It can also help you in lowering your glucose-lowering medications. Patients who are taking blood sugar medications should consult their doctors before making changes to their carb intake.…