5 Major Infant And Pediatric Massage Benefits


Most people think that massage therapy offers benefits only to adults. However, this is not the case because there are a lot of infant and pediatric massage benefits too. Even if your infant is not having any health problem, you need to note that they are still experiencing a lot of pressure. Massage is an excellent way to communicate with the infant while building understanding and trust.

5 Major infant and pediatric massage benefits

Helps in growth

wefg4gww43grwegh43gherInfants and children require nurturing touch to grow up to their full potential. Studies have shown that massage therapy assists them to get more sleep, reduce stress hormones, reducing growing pains, enhance IQ and improve focus and concentration. These psychological and physical benefits help them grow up to their potential without suffering from other health problems.

Reduce stress

Infants and children suffer from stress almost like adults. Massage is an excellent way to help them overcome the stress. Those who receive massage regularly demonstrate high-level attentiveness, concentration and reduced level of anxiety. This goes a long way in reducing the risk of depression that involves feeling of sadness, hopelessness and change in mood among children and infants.

Enhance feeling of trust, safety, and open communication

Massage therapy helps offer a lot of emotional support to infants and children. It helps have a positive impact on them socially when it comes to the development of a feeling of safety. The stimulation involved is a great way to make the child develop trust. You develop strong bond and connection in a unique way.

Support digestive process

Massage assist in supporting the digestive process and help reduce the risk of colic. This makes an infant or child more relaxed and calmer. You will also notice a great improvement when it comes to sleep and overall mood.

Boost flow of blood4ijweg43tgrehg45ger

One of the greatest infant and pediatric massage benefits is that it assists in enhancing the flow of blood in the body. There is stimulation of nerves and allow blood to flow more efficiently to all parts of the body. They become more active and attain healthy growth. With the high flow of blood, it also means that they develop a strong immune system that reduces the risk of suffering from different illnesses.

To ensure that your child or infant gets the above massage benefits, make sure that you have the skills on how it should be done. You can also take them to a reputable expert for help.…